wHat TiMe nOw..??

21 March 2010

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this picture view the action of pengkid..thier like to be friend in the same gender..

12 March 2010

Solve The probleM..

To overcome this problem pengkid is not easy .. even that several approaches and efforts can be done. Among them is the strict enforcement of them. Heavy sentence must be imposed to those involved. This is important to realize that they walk on the right way. Besides, continuing awareness on them is very necessary. So everyone should play the role of providing awareness. People should not allow youth who are directly involved in the destruction. we need each other on fiscal mistakes of others. We can not let themselves but to guide them. they need tutoring and advice to change. In addition, parents are actually the very role in overcoming this problem. Because parents are important agents of socialization. They need to rebuke the way their children are not correct. development of their children is also under their control. If parents are really responsible, their children may get stuck in a problem like this pengkid. Parents need to spend time with children, discuss the problem together. This is very important to prevent problems among them, so act outside expectations. However, self-awareness is something important. If it is always self-identify themselves, it is not possible we will go through and choose the wrong road. We need to smooth adapt to the environment. We are able to improve ourselves for the better.

By: Noorhafiza hasni Ab Manaf-A127607

hmmm..tell about pENGKID...

Many problems for so long about pengkid until now exposed in the media. While the National Fatwa Council has issued a fatwa related to the sentence above, but clearly this approach does not give full effect to those involved. As we know, has many Da'wah made by the responsible bodies. However they have so lack awareness. This social crime simply does not need just left. Because this will impact and thus destroy the future of religion, race and nation. Those involved seem to waive the requirements of religion. This clearly shows the holdings of each religion is not strong. They do not open the mind to think about the impact on the community and also themselves. So, thats become problem. Actually more thrilling way to find them without damaging themselves. Many efforts to overcome is the role of all parties. and important, we should not blame each other.

by; Noorhafiza Hasni AB manaf-A127607

Give more EFFECTS...

Pengkid is a problem that has long existed. That problem gives much effects. For example, negative perception by the community. This is because their behavior beyond the boundaries of religion violates the norm of life. What we know they are very proud with their lives if they know it is wrong. Essentially, people looked upon them as a group of people that are not developed and lost. As we know them difficult to be accepted by society. Just throw words to hurt them because the community, particularly Malaysia can’t accept that they belong to the group, which pengkid. They are in fact the carrier problem. Their behavior can affect society to behave like them. We do not want young people who have influenced the holy spirit to change that should not. The next generation must be lead the right way. Youth is now leading the future generation. They should be role-model. However, there Pengkid those that cannot be eliminated this will indeed prevent direction the next generation. This is something that is not good in terms of ethical and moral society. Then, as we know religion also forbids us to destroy ourselves with things like this. Religion commands us to make what is right and what is forbidden to leave. Besides, the existence of this cause pengkid life itself is not towards progress. They seem to damage the self does not guarantee anything. Themselves destroyed, damaged, they have no morals. was due to no self-awareness in the pursuit of pleasure and not just any promises. They will not succeed as long as no way back to the right.

by: Noorhafiza Hasni Ab Manaf-A127607

03 March 2010

Factor begin a PENGKID

The meaning of PENGKID is already post before. For the information PENGKID is a maiden who is appearance or image like that a man. Althougt this also includes the dressing of the person and not just the way she behaves, the way if dressing is just one aspect of what make pengkid. The women may to be dressing women not a man. she also might have a sexual desire of women.

This problem has many factor who begin we as a pengkid. The first factor because of the family factor. Why the family factor give the impact for the people become as a "pengkid". As we know if the parents is a worker and also fighting at home. It's can give impact to the children. They can find a new activities to release the tension. This factor give the big impression to them.

besides that, the other factors follow the friend attitude or easy to influence by their friends. The attitude their friends for example their dressing, the characteristic, and other. They easy influence their friends by their friends dressing for example.They think the dressing of pengkid like man is very beautiful and different for them.

This factor is natural today for their parents. Before this people "pengkid" was born, their parents want the girl child but when mom to bear they get the baby boy. This factor influence give their child a girl dressing. When they child grow they like to dress up the girl clothes. Its so difficult to change their attitude cause their parents teach their to dress up like a men.

In addition, family guide is also plays the main role for the teenagers to begin "pengkid". It is because of the religious guide from the family is not enough to them. This cause is not only converge to the Muslim only because all of the races were teached by their own religion and courteous.

by Siti Hajar (A128366)

16 February 2010


Pengkid is tomboy or lesbian. They are a girl but their act like the men. Their appearance includng motion behavior, dressing, talking and other appearance like the men. Its is becuase people call them is a 'pengkid'. All the appeareace like the men, but its the same time the also don't interested to the men but to people interested in similar or its call "girl". This group identity is trying to view their gender opposite of the norm , biological and social morality that they have.

For your infomation, The Principal Youth and Women's Center Happiness (KEWAJA), Yahya Mohd Yusof said pengkid not view their identity and located on their own group. This problem must be settle before its give the big effect for the community.

Pengkid rigid more difficult to change their identity in the short time, rather tahn victim. Since 1988, about 200 cetogorized as pengkid and victim pengkid come to KEWAJA as the volunteers person or the parents send them to KEWAJA.

post by FATIN

19 January 2010

a life journey..

Pengkid..become brave ???.. pengkid group is somewhat hidden and located in its own group..